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Alaska’s first Certified Naturally Grown Peony Farm

Chillyroot Peony Farm

Availability and Pricing

Chilly Root Peony Farm grows over 40 varieties of herbaceous peony for the cut flower market and floral trades.

Our peony mature later than any other farm. Here at elevation 1495, our harvest begins in mid August and continues well into September. We can then ship through October, depending upon supply. Subject to the summer weather, various varieties respond differently.

Usually we can depend on Red Charm to be our earliest followed quickly by the other varieties.

For a comprehensive guide to peony varieties with lovely photography visit http://www.paeo.de/

Chilly Root Peony Farm PeonyVarieties

It is best to contact us for specific availability updates and variety information. (907) 235-8410 ALASKA TIME - Please check your time differences!
We reserve the right to be creative prior to 8 AM Alaska Time.

Festiva Maxima
Festiva Maxima
Mon Jules
Mon Jules
Paula Fay
Paula Fay
Red Charm
Red Charm
Coral Charm
Coral Charm

Festiva Maxima (fragrant, classic)
Duchesse De Nemours (Very fragrant and creamy white)
Elsa Sass (Very late)
Avalanche (late)
Charlie White
Marie Lemoine (shorter stature, deeply fragrant)
White Sands (a single)
My Love (soft blush pink fading to pure white)

Moonstone (Full warm pink matures to a luxurious white )
Myrtle Gentry Limited
Shirley Temple (blush pink guard petals that mature to white)
Lady Alexandra Duff (light pink to blush)

Edulis Superba (has a lighter pink to cream center)
Mons Jules Elie (huge double)
Paula Fay (brilliant lipstick-pink and huge)
Sarah Bernhardt (classic Cinderella pink, very full and fragrant)

Coral Charm (Not available until September)

Victoire de La Marne (deep wine red)
Felix Crousse ( magenta red)
President Roosevelt ( deep wine red)
Red Charm (Huge, velvet red)

Sorbet (formerly ‘Eden’s Paradise”) Limited

General Pricing Information

We have a minimum of 20 stems per order.
Brides ordering a mixed collection of 20 to 25 stems receive a special discount of 20%!

White, Coral and some premium blush varieties will be $6.00 per stem for 20 to 100 stems. Pink and Red varieties are $5.00 per stem for up to 100 stems. There are price breaks for larger orders and we do have special pricing for wholesale orders with approval. This is a general pricing guide, please contact us for more information or if you have a special request.

We are happy to answer questions and to have visitors to our farm!